10 must try Rayalaseema sweets


A traditional sweet made from rice flour and jaggery, deep-fried to a crispy texture. Ariselu is a popular sweet prepared during festivals and special occasions.


Thin layers of rice paper stuffed with a mix of powdered sugar or jaggery, ghee (clarified butter), and sometimes flavored with cardamom. It's a delicate and unique sweet from the region.


A sweet flatbread made with a filling of lentils, jaggery, and flavored with cardamom, wrapped in a dough made of flour, and then cooked on a griddle with ghee.


Deep-fried dumplings filled with a mixture of grated coconut, sugar or jaggery, and nuts.

Pala Kova

A rich, creamy sweet made by reducing milk to a thick consistency and then sweetening it with sugar.


Soft and flaky sweet made from all-purpose flour, deep-fried and soaked in sugar syrup.


Laddus made from roasted urad dal (black gram), powdered sugar or jaggery, and ghee.


Crispy and flaky sweet prepared with all-purpose flour, ghee, and sugar syrup. Kaja is often shaped into spirals and enjoyed as a festive treat.


A traditional sweet dish made by cooking rice flour balls in milk, sweetened with jaggery or sugar, and flavored with cardamom.


Crunchy and shaped like cowrie shells, Gavvalu are made from maida (all-purpose flour) dough and deep-fried. They are then coated with sugar syrup, making them sweet and crispy.

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