10 popular parottas you must try in Chennai

Plain Parotta

The classic parotta, made with flour, water, and a bit of oil, is kneaded into layers and cooked on a hot griddle.

Egg Parotta

This variant includes beaten eggs mixed with spices and added between the layers of parotta while cooking, resulting in a flavorful and slightly creamy parotta.

Kothu Parotta

A popular street food dish made by shredding plain parottas and stir-frying them with a mix of vegetables, eggs, or meat along with spices and curry gravy.

Chilli Parotta

Spicy and tangy, this parotta is tossed with a blend of chili powder, sauces, and spices, giving it a fiery and flavorful taste.

Veechu Parotta

Similar to plain parotta but made in a slightly different style, stretched thinly and prepared in a circular shape. It's crispy on the outside and soft inside.

Chicken or Mutton Kheema Parotta

Cooked minced chicken or mutton mixed with spices and served stuffed inside or alongside shredded parottas, making it a flavorsome and filling dish.

Paneer Parotta

This variation includes grated or cubed paneer (Indian cottage cheese) mixed with spices and stuffed inside the parotta layers, providing a vegetarian option with a rich taste.

Malabar Parotta

Though it's not native to Chennai, Malabar parotta is often available in restaurants and eateries. It's flakier and made with a higher proportion of all-purpose flour.

Onion Parotta

Finely chopped onions are added to the parotta dough, imparting a sweet and crunchy taste to the layers.

Palak Parotta

Spinach puree or finely chopped spinach is mixed with the dough to create green-hued parottas, offering a unique flavor and a touch of nutrition.

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