9 must-try rotis in Rajasthan

Bajre Ki Roti

A staple in Rajasthani cuisine, this roti is made from pearl millet flour (bajra). It's gluten-free, rich in nutrients, and often paired with ghee, garlic chutney, or curries like ker sangri.

Makki Ki Roti

Another popular roti, especially during winters, is made from maize flour (cornmeal).

Missi Roti

This roti is a flavorful combination of gram flour (besan), wheat flour, and spices like ajwain (carom seeds), red chili powder, and turmeric.

Tandoori Roti

Although a common bread in many parts of India, the tandoori roti in Rajasthan, cooked in a tandoor (clay oven).

Khoba Roti

This intricate and visually appealing roti is made by kneading wheat flour dough and pinching it in the center to create a pattern.

Besan Ki Roti

A gluten-free roti made primarily with gram flour (besan) mixed with spices like ajwain and turmeric. It's crisp and delicious and pairs well with curries or chutneys.

Rumali Roti

Literally translating to "handkerchief bread," this thin, soft roti is made from refined flour dough and is skillfully stretched to resemble a handkerchief.

Gatte Ki Roti

Gatte are gram flour dumplings that are usually used to make curry, but in this case, they are flattened and cooked like a roti, often served with curries or yogurt.

Churma Roti

This roti is made from wheat flour and is crumbled, mixed with ghee and sugar or jaggery, and shaped into small balls.

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